Three steps to make your website seductive to search engines

Very recently one of my clients asked me a question that many may find hilarious “Why all your apps look like they are in deep love with search engines?”. Ooh, well it is not hard but not easy as well to seduce search engines. However a careful programmer knows that there is no magic in optimising your sites with regards to search engines. Depending on the nature and the size of your business you may require bigger and advanced technics but most of the time simple and efficient technics are more than enough to seduce search engines such as google, MSN, etc…

I like the idea of keeping things very simple and efficient. here are my three steps to seduce web search engines categorised respectively as inpage SEO, onpage SEO and offpage SEO:

1.Inpage SEO: Check your website/App for potential coding malpractices. Through w3c validator(, Identify errors in your Markup coding(HTML )and try to fix as much as you can. Search enginees such as google do not tolerate programming errors and whenever they meet a broken code, they simply stop and nothing else. Also make sure you have used meaningful alternative text on images (this is really important as search engines do not read your images rather they rely on alt text).

2. Onpage SEO: Make sure keywords are widely dispatched throughout the content(these are words that you believe they well represent your business) . Also take care of Headings and paragraphs to make sure that Search enginees know that a paragraph is actually a paragraph and a heading is an actual heading. Typical error is when you declare a h2 tag or smaller just for the sake of beautiful design without having a h1 tag on top of it.

3.offpage: in other words “get other sites talking about you’. in this respect make sure your website is represented in social media. I like this free tool it shows that your website is or not present on social medias such as facebook, youtube, twitter, pininterest,etc..

Search engines will rank a website as important if it is accessed from other websites.

Hope this will help you to have SEO friendly APPs.

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