A Quick View on Higher order functions

In mathematics and computer science, a higher-order function (also functional, functional form or functor; not to be confused with the functor concept in category theory) is a function that does at least one of the following: takes one or more functions as arguments, returns a function as its result. In the untyped lambda calculus, Higher order functions assume that for T1,T2,T3 functions a map of (T1->T2)->T2 is equivalent to T1->(T2->T3).

Three steps to make your website seductive to search engines

Very recently one of my clients asked me a question that many may find hilarious “Why all your apps look like they are in deep love with search engines?”. Ooh, well it is not hard but not easy as well to seduce search engines. However a careful programmer knows that there is no magic in optimising your sites with regards to search engines. Depending on the nature and the size

Overlooked secret to develop durable software solutions

We usually hear and see stun people saying ” This guy really knows everything about IT, he can code in any language!!!”. may be such a guy can develop a durable software. really? To be able to code with a range of technologies such as java, php, nodejs, Ruby, Python, Objective C, C#, etc… can be really very good as long as you master most of them since this will